Booty Camp Fitness 


Booty Camp is a 4-month, outdoor fitness program that is progressive (meaning that as summer goes on, the workouts get harder as you get stronger).  While we are building as time goes on, the coaches always offer modifications, so all fitness levels are encouraged and supported.  There are always options to make movements easier/harder depending on your current fitness level, past/current injuries and how you are feeling each day.

We believe that fitness should be as enjoyable as it is functional.

Designed around the movements we were born to perform (squats, lunges, push-ups, and pulls), the workouts are varied in time requirements, planes of movement, and exercises performed so that your body is always challenged in new and exciting ways. Each new month brings a new challenge for us to undertake together in an attempt to better understand ourselves and maximize our potential. 

The only equipment you need for Booty Camp is a jumprope, your strong body, and a fitness sausage (sign up to join our mailing list for creating your own sausage at the start of our season)!  A cheap yoga mat is also suggested.